Perspective RV Service and Repair LLC.

8100 W 700 S
Topeka, IN 46571
 (574) 320-6404



We strive to be the best in business! We are an authorized warranty & repair facility, with our technicians being RVIA certified.      All makes & models are welcome, as well as any customizations or upgrades you desire. Mobile services are also available!


What does our PDI inspection include?

- Exterior inspection

- Interior inspection

- Water system check

- Propane system check

- Test all appliances

- Check all fluids (where applicable)

- Check tires/brakes

- Light check

- 12v/110v inspection

- Slide room(s) inspection


What kind of repairs can you do?

We can do just about ANYTHING you can think of! Our technicians use a thorough troubleshooting process to pinpoint the exact problem you're having, communicate with you what is going on, and what it's going to take to fix the issue. 


What can I upgrade in my RV?

- TV/entertainment

- Sofa

- Roof vents

- Backup/sideview cameras

- AC unit

- Satellite/antenna/WiFi

-Jack Leveling system

- Weight distribution towing system

And much more! Do not hesitate to ask!


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